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Adolescence (Ages 13-18  years )

Dyslexia has nothing to do with a student’s intelligence. There are many strengths associated with Dyslexia, and they are just as common as some of the difficulties experienced. Adolescence who may have Dyslexia should be identified and assessed as early as possible. This checklist is free and confidential. It may help you spot signs of Dyslexia and help decide if the results merit further professional testing.  Please answer all questions below, then click on the submit button.

Signs that a student may have dyslexia include:

1. Has parents or siblings who have/had Dyslexia (Dyslexia often runs in families)
2. Has difficulty remembering names, places, telephone numbers, and dates.
4. Inability to complete the tests on time and takes more time to respond to questions.
5. Has the ability to see how things connect to form complex systems, and to identify similarities among multiple things.
3. Tend to have messy handwriting with many spelling mistakes.
6. Excellence in areas not dependent on reading, such as: computers, visual arts, philosophy, biology, social studies, and creative writing.

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